Summer addition to the lab

A warm welcome to Jeff Wintersinger to the lab. Jeff has just completed the third year of his BHSc in Bioinformatics, here at UofC. He'll be investigating the extent of in silico miss-assembly in parasite genomes and the effect this has on identifying large gene families. The work is an spin-off from the mBio paper. This … Continue reading Summer addition to the lab

HPI Bootcamp in the Rockies

Just returned from the first trainee bootcamp under our Host-Parasite Interaction programme. Two days at the University of Calgary's Kananaskis BioGeosciences field station. The focus of the bootcamp was to offer trainees (and indeed faculty) instruction in the important, non-science parts of their research. Kim Barrett, Dean of Graduate Studies at UCSD, kicked us off with … Continue reading HPI Bootcamp in the Rockies

NSERC CREATE programme

Over the summer seven faculty here at the University of Calgary discovered that we'd been awarded one of the prestigious NSERC CREATE programmes. Worth a wee bit under $2million, we are charged with setting up a graduate training programme in host-parasite interactions. In addition to the Calgary based stake-holders (see below) the programme involves a number … Continue reading NSERC CREATE programme