Welcome to Parasitic Genomes – What Can Their DNA Tell Us

HPI-newLogoThis workshop is supported by the NSERC CREATE program in Host-Parasite Interactions. For more information, please click on the logo.

Students in the program study parasites. How they cause disease in animals and humans, how they are affected by the environment.

In today’s workshop, we will tell you all about parasites and how we use their DNA to understand them better. You will get to look at real specimens and use a microscope. At the end you can also use your computer to tell what parasites are inside a cow and then how to treat them.

You can download your sequences from here.

The NCBI BLAST page is available from here.

For information on the parasites click on what you find:
Cooperia oncophora
Haemonchus placei
Ostertagia ostertagi
Dictyocaulus viviparus
Dicrocoelium dendriticum
Babesia bovis

Your instructors today were:

  • Dr. James Wasmuth
  • Chenhua Li
  • Sinéad O’Ferrall
  • Nidhi Sharma
  • Kyle Lesack
  • Kaylee Rich
  • Susan Wang
  • Rajnigandha Pushpker
  • Chandrasekhar Gopalakrishnan
  • Karla Juego

The website and sequence generation was by:
Dr. James Wasmuth – Associate Professor, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Dave Curren – PhD student, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

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