Lab members

James Wasmuth – chief grant writer and paper-pusher

Postdoctoral Scholars

Dr. Vani Ikkurti – Metabolic networks and anti-parasitic drug discovery

Graduate Students

Sonja Dunemann (PhD candidate) – the role transposons play in parasitism.

Grace Mariene (PhD candidate) – genomics of cattle parasites.

Kyle Lesack (PhD candidate) – evolution of gene copy number variation.

Kaylee Rich (PhD candidate) – how worms feed on blood.

Chenhua Li (PhD candidate) – two words… Zombie Ants!

Stephen Pollo (PhD pre-candidacy) – how genomes of parasites evolve


Undergraduate Students
Kourosh Banaeianzadeh
Kaylee Rich

Dave Curran (PhD) – postdoc at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto
Shruti Srivastava (MSc) – Bioinformatican at the Atlantic Cancer Research Institute
Armin Rouhi (UG) – studying medicine at the University of Alberta
Brian McDonald (graduate student)
Jeff Wintersinger (UG) – a graduate student with Quaid Morris
Keyu Li (MSc)
Aude Gilabert (postdoc) – now working on malaria population genomics in Montpellier
Kyle Lesack (UG) – in the UBC graduate programme in Genomics & Bioinformatics
Ivan Kryukov (UG) –  PhD studies with Jason de Koning
Muhammad Arqam Imram (UG)

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