Helminthology Graduate Course

A month has now passed since the close of the Fall Semester or Michaelmas Term, depending upon your vernacular. Over the last four months I coordinated three courses: Genetics & Molecular Biology, part of the DMV undergraduate programme. Advanced Topics in Microbiomes, a graduate course in the Veterinary Medical Sciences (VMS) programme. Helminthology, another graduate … Continue reading Helminthology Graduate Course

Parasites @ Calgary Science Cafe

On the evening of May 28th, almost 100 members of the public and a smattering of UofC students crammed into the back room of the Ironwood Grill, Inglewood, to hear about parasites. Dr Patrick Hanington, of the University of Alberta's School of Public Health and UCVM's Dr John Gilleard, were the guest speakers at a … Continue reading Parasites @ Calgary Science Cafe

HPI Bootcamp in the Rockies

Just returned from the first trainee bootcamp under our Host-Parasite Interaction programme. Two days at the University of Calgary's Kananaskis┬áBioGeosciences field station. The focus of the bootcamp was to offer trainees (and indeed faculty) instruction in the important, non-science parts of their research. Kim Barrett, Dean of Graduate Studies at UCSD, kicked us off with … Continue reading HPI Bootcamp in the Rockies